18+ Video: Watch Ghanaian Actor In A Hot Atopa Video With An Actress On Set.

18+ Video: Watch Ghanaian Actor In A Hot Atopa Video With An Actress On Set.

A lot of things reportedly happenings on locations when some Ghanaian actors/actresses converge to shoot movies, occasionally, many of those involve deny afterwards but this video sighted by us is not a ‘behind the scene’ video.

A Ghanaian actor named Mr Ivan was captured in the video making sexual advances on an unknown lady.

The lady questioned whether this actor’s action was part of the scene and crew members close to them responded affirmatively that yes, it was part of it.

Mr Ivan

While whining his waist behind the all-most naked lady, the actor told his colleagues how sweet it would be for him to bonk her from that position.

Following his utterances, one of them was heard saying Yes give it to her!

We are yet to establish the title of this movie and where the shooting took place.

If this is what some movie makers in Ghana are endorsing or making an attempt to bring onto the Ghanaian market then we have a long way to go as a country.

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There is no way we can revive the Ghanaian movie industry with this uncultured and ill-mannered scenes.

It is time for those in authority to penalize those involved to serve as a deterrent to others who may try to emulate this.

Mr Ivan sextape
Mr Ivan sextape

Watch the video below.


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