Farouk Aliu Mahama: My Record In The Yendi Constituency Is Unprecedented.

Farouk Aliu Mahama: My Record In The Yendi Constituency Is Unprecedented.

In an interview with Farouk Aliu Mahama at the Mafara Hotel in Tamale recently, the son of the former Vice President of Ghana told the *Voiceless Media* that what he has done for the Yendi Constituency over the years to improve the well being of the people and the constituency remains unprecedented.

In the area of poverty reduction and women empowerment, Farouk Aliu Mahama sponsored the training of 600 girls/women in Shea butter production and soap making and provided initial capital for them to start their businesses.

These women who hitherto were unemployed are now happily engaged in the production and sale of their products as well as training others in order to reduce poverty and stop the young ladies from engaging in kayaye. This, he said was historic in Yendi.

In the area of promoting peace through games, Alhaji Farouk has donated sports paraphernalia to the youth in the constituency and also sponsored several unity matches in the Constituency. This singular act contributed significantly in fostering peace and harmony in that part of the country.

On agriculture, Alhaji Farouk acquired and distributed over 600 pieces of knapsack sprayers to farmers in the Yendi area.

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He also distributed farm implements and inputs including fertilizers, cutlasses, wedicides and anti-snake bites to over 800 farmers to improve their yields and safety.

On health and education, Alhaji Farouk donated 100 bags of cement to support the construction of an Administration Block at Yendi Colledge of Health Sciences and an amount of Ghc5000 to support the TESCON branch of the institution.

Free Hepatitis B vaccination and health screening for communities in the Yendi Constituency is also being done.

A Gh¢10,000 financial support has been given to aid in improving the water system in the constituency for all to benefit.

The Parliamentary Aspirant also made a donation of Ghc20, 000 to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in Yendi to improve transmission for the benefit of all.

He has also paid school fees as well as assist in securing scholarships for nearly 100 students in Yendi and its environs.

On jobs, Alhaji Farouk got over 250 youth into the Forestry Commission under the Youth in Afforestation and the beneficiaries are forever thankful and able to help their families.

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He also secured permanent appointment for 30 of Yendi graduates at Ghana Cocoa Board with a monthly take home of not less than Ghc 2,500.

In the security services, he has gotten about 27 appointments for the people of Yendi. On the count of the cumulative youth he has helped to secure jobs, he maintained that his goodwill in terms of job is enormous and he cannot keep an exact count of the huge numbers.

Other forms of support include donation towards the procurement of a funeral hearse for the people of Yendi, sponsorship of constituents to Mecca to pray for permanent peace in Dagbong and Ghana among other gestures.

Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama has since 2017 donates 600 bags of rice and 600 bags of sugar for Muslim in Yendi during Ramadan and also during Eid festivities. This help has brought smiles to the faces of the people during such festive seasons.

He says that on nurturing the Yendi Constituency, he has done a lot for the party in the area of supporting party activities including the recent Limited Voter Registration Exercise including monthly support to the constituency and Electoral Areas.

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Farouk Aliu Mahama has educational certificates from the Havard University, Cambridge University, Oxford University and the University of Coventry in the United Kingdom.

He was among the few African Youth who were given the opportunity to speak at the British Parliament in London.

Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama also had the opportunity to speak at the Oxford Students Conference in London.

According to Alhaji Farouk, the exposure and network that be built from courses abroad and his public speaking activities will impact posively on the development of the Yendi Constituency when voted as their Parliamentary Candidate and Member of Parliament.

In Ghana Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama has received over 10 awards from Universities across the Country for his benevolence and humanitarian services to the people.

On why he is committing enormous resources into the Yendi Constituency and beyond, he explained that he believed in the principle of sharing and that has been his nature. ‘I always want to see people in happy mood and I feel very fulfilled any time I help my people” He added.

*Source: The Voiceless Media* 


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