King Promise Is A Stupid Boy, Look At Him

King Promise Is A Stupid Boy, Look At Him

A US-based event promoter, Julian Asiedu, has descended heavily on Ghanaian musician-King Promise.

Julian Asiedu rained insult on King Promise via his Facebook wall.

He said King Promise is a stupid boy.

In life, nobody would just wake up and insult his/her fellow—and we presumed that something is wrong somewhere.


Julian wrote: “Awurade, the next Ghanaian artist that will work with any promoter in these states  Minnesota, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York, Houston, or under any of my franchise will shit perfume rice before they enter these states unless the rookies are willing to take the risk. The stress SOME of these artists put us through all in the name of supporting  music, putting  Ghana on the map, our gfs don’t even stress us like that. When you all don’t get shows in the USA, you complain, we do whatever it takes to make it happen then u use 2 seconds to mess it all up, making our brands look like shit. “

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“Then you get confused why  Nigeria music is played more in our clubs here. You all should just stay in Ghana and play your expensive shows. Imagine a stupid boy like King Promise tagged on my brand cos he didn’t show up for my shows? Amakye kraa like I won’t vex. Now these talented boys Kuami Eugene & KiDi with a fucked up management and greedy top men adding that to our resume,” he added.


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