My Father Disowned Me Because of Music – Songstress Akiyana Reveals

My Father Disowned Me Because of Music – Songstress Akiyana Reveals

Entering musician Akiyana has revealed her own father disowned her because she chose music as a career path.

Most Ghanaian parents are skeptical of the creative arts industry in general hence decide to make their kids stay away from it whenever they decide to venture into it. They have varying misconceptions that the industry breeds hoodlums and irresponsible people. Some people go all lengths to stop their children from pursuing careers in the industry and Akiyana’s father was is not an exception.

Akiyana counted how tough her life has been since she decided to pursue music.

Speaking at the music video premiere of her song “bubra” held in Accra, the young talent was full of gratitude to her support system.

She emotionally recalled her dark days by saying, “I have hustled really hard and it got to a point where I had noone to help me. My father disowned me because I wanted to do music. Seeing all of you here today gladdens my heart soo much”.

She later made it known that her father who used to frown on her music career is now in full support of her craft because he’s seen improvements.

She thanked all her supporters and charged them to keep up supporting her talent and career.


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