President Akufo-Addo Meeting of Market Women and Traders.

President Akufo-Addo Meeting of Market Women and Traders.

This week the President Akufo-Addo seems to be meeting stakeholders. I appreciated the meeting of the pharmaceuticals and I am sure it yielded a lot of results. I am happy about this meeting as well. The quest to involve all stakeholders is commendable.

We are all crying lockdown lockdown, but myself I have been struggling how best our shut down will look like.

These market women are those that feed the nation. We practically cannot close Makola, Akpobloshie, Mallam Atta , Kejetia Central Market and other similar ones. But can we decongest them ? By limiting human traffic? I think so.

I read government is in the process of resourcing Kintampo Health School to augment testing. Good move. I believe UCC, UDS and UHAS May all have capacity to assist with little investment by Govenment. Early detection comes with early testing.

I have been scared for our frontline health workers. As the infection keep going high they become the highest risk individuals. How are we protecting them and their families? Currently the UK test 5,000 suspected cases a day. It intends to test 25,000 cases from next week and prioritize testing of healthcare workers.

What of Volunteers? We have a lot of trained healthcare workers who have not been employed. Those trained in Cuba and Ghana. UK for instance is recruiting 5,000 volunteers to help minimize the spread. Is there any avenues for this in Ghana?

Supporting the vulnerable and the less privileged. Truth be told , I am not sure which stimulus package GoG can put in place for these people. We have real challenges in resources, beyond the mismanagement. We have all heard how US has approved 2 trillion dollars injection, how EU plans to inject 750 Billion Euros, how UK has injected 350 billion pounds. Post COVID presents a lot challenges for emerging economies like Ghana. GRA will not meet target because of low productivity and others. But it is well.

But in the UAE , the rich is helping the poor by providing them with basic food necessities that could sustain them and avoid them going through the daily routine of feeding themselves.

I am not sure Govenment is oblivious of the need for lockdown or stay at home policy. Its major problem is how to feed the people as they stay in their homes. A tough decision for a leader.

We would overcome.


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