What Happened To Your MTN MoMo Account when You Pass Away.

What Happened To Your MTN MoMo Account when You Pass Away.

MTN MoMo has come to make sending and receiving money very convenient but I think there’s something we all not paying attention to.

I stand to be corrected on this one oo. I think MTN MoMo is keeping some monies that doesn’t belong to them and that is stealing.

People have registered on MoMo and died, they don’t have next of kins and did not share their pins with families, so where’s their monies?

What happens to it.?

People don’t share their pin with their families or friends and there’s no next of kins during registration. So what it means is that, when momo account holders dies, money locks and MTN will not cough about it.

There’s no way a sibling or a family member can go get that money or claim ownership.

So imagine if your sibling is having Ghc1000 and above in their account and the unexpected happens, money is locked and it becomes their profit anaa? How old is the momo business now?

How many registered people have died now? Now do the maths.


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